Venue: Lap New World Hotel Jabi ABUJA.

Date:  Mar 25-28; May 27-30;Aug 26-29 &  Nov 26-29

Fee: N300,000  Bank Details: Fontini Consulting Limited (ZENITH BANK PLC) Account Number 1013360718 ;Fund Transfer Sort Code 057151083 Discount Policy 3-5 Delegates 5% 6-10 Delegates 10%  Above 10 Delegates  20%

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The workshop on Managing Compliance and Legal Risk provides training on the proactive and best practices in legal risk management, which are essential to averting corporate scandals, financial collapse and attacks on corporate reputation.

Legal risk constitutes integral part of management discussions, regardless of the size of the organization.

The course is designed to help in-house lawyers to mitigate this challenge, by ensuring that a risk-aware culture prevails across the organization. Lawyers with specialized knowledge in Managing Compliance and Legal Risk initiates risk management programme from within organisation management and its operations.

This seminar will provide the guidance and information required to put in place preventive measures which will minimise your company’s exposure to risk and protect your in-house clients. Programme

  • Legal Framework of Compliance Law and Management
  • Corporate Criminal Liability, Risk Management, and Compliance
  • Compliance System, the Manager’s Role and Skill Set
  • Assessing Legal Risks
  • Employee Risks and Reputational Damage
  • Managing Legal Privilege, Privacy, and Information Security Risks
  • Corporate Governance, Ethics and Risk Management
  • Managing Legal Compliance, Dispute Resolution, and Legal Costs
  • Managing Environmental, Health, and Safety Risks
  • Coordination, Communication and Reporting: Horizontal, Vertical and Regulatory issues
  • Compliance, Regulatory Risks, and the Regulators Duties
  • Establishing a Compliance and Risk Management Culture
  • Outlook and Global Perspectives

Key Learning Outcomes and Takeaways

  • How to design, install and implement a compliance management framework for your organisation;
  • How to improve your organisations legal compliance
  • How to deal with the risk of corporate criminal liability in your organization
  • How to install an effective system of legal audit
  • How to reduce legal costs and risk of damages
  • How to assist the Board to institute formal structures to review and manage legal risk
  • How to distinguish between governance, compliance, risk management, and ethics
  • How to ensure that a risk-aware culture prevails in your organization.
  • Network with leading PPP policy makers, transaction advisors, PPP project managers and key stakeholders.
  • Site Visit

Target Audience

  • In-house counsel
  • Heads of legal departments
  • Risk compliance managers
  • Senior corporate counsel and adviser
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Others Interested on Compliance & Risk Mgt.