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DUBAI   –  10 – 14 AUG
  1. Designing and Conducting TNA
  2. Key Element of Human performance System in Training
  3. Identifying Training Gap in Human  Resources and Environment and Human Performance System.
  4.  Major Steps for Engineering Effective Performance
  5. Selecting and Applying the Techniques and Tools Appropriate for TNA
  6. Steps and Processes in Conducting of TNA
  7. Understanding TNA Methodology
  8. Understanding the Techniques for Investigation in TNA
  9. Effective Report Writing in TNA
  1. The Role of Training in Organizations
  2. The Role of Training Managers in Influencing Management Decision on Training and Development
  3. Strategic Plans for Programme Development, Maintenance and Renewal
  4. Financial Management for Trainers
  5. Improving Management Training Resources
  6. Understanding Key Concepts and Lessons on Integrating Computer Technology into Training .


Experience Trainers and those familiar with Training Principles and Practices, Training Managers, HR Managers and Personnel Managing the Training Functions.