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Johannesburg, South Africa: Oct 12-16
What effective & efficient security entails

-Modes of security in an organization

-Guards operations and security operatives routine duties

-Types of crime usually committed

-Strategies for anticipating, preventing and minimizing corporate crises

-Types of hazards, Causes of sabotage and counter measures to prevent them.

-Security agencies legal issues and institutional framework

-Corruption in public offices

-The place of the various institutions in corruption management such as the ICPC, EFCC and their international counterpart such as NCCT, UNODC, NEPAD etc


Who should Attend:

Director of HR,Directors of Logistics, Head of Legal Divisions,

Directors & Head OF Security Divisions of Entities in both Public and Private Sector,Banks and Oil and Gas Companies, Senior Managers in the Presidency, Senate, House Etc.