300,000.00 285,000.00

Training Managers in Private and Public institutions, Curriculum Planning and Development Managers, Consultancy units in Tertiary Institutions HR

Managers and Experience Instructors Interested in becoming more Involved in programme/Course Planning and Development.


  1. Designing and Conducting TNA
  2. Key Element of Human performance System in Training
  3. Identifying Training Gap in Human  Resources and Environment and Human Performance System.
  4.  Major Steps for Engineering Effective Performance
  5. Selecting and Applying the Techniques and Tools Appropriate for TNA
  6. Steps and Processes in Conducting of TNA
  7. Understanding TNA Methodology
  8. Understanding the Techniques for Investigation in TNA




Oct 6-9

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Alexis Hotel & Conference Centre. Plot 693 Obafemi Awolowo Way Jabi- Abuja

June 1-5 & Nov 16-20


Workshop fee: